Kate and Josh Miller - Family site!

Just random stuff, we’ll see how things go with the site.  If you like it, let us know so we will keep posting to it!


UPDATE:  October 25, 2011 - In preparing to move off of MobileMe, I’ve moved this to a new site - www.joshandkatemiller.com.   I’m experimenting with new publishing tools, I would love a Mac based option that allows me to synch across multiple computers, and handle multiple sites...we’ll see how much time actually gets invested into this...

UPDATE:  March 19, 2010 - I just added the story of our engagement.  I’ll slowly bring in other things from my currently defunct www.iokua.com

UPDATE#2:  March 19, 2010 - Ok, I added Kate’s “A memoir of Valentine scheming” which is an article she wrote in 1999.  Find it on the blog - HERE

UPDATE:  Jan 6 2010 - I’ve been updating items and consolidating all the video’s we’ve created to a page per video.  Check out the blog for the list!